Feed Those Bees!!

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Swarming season is truly underway. We have collected quite a number. The key to success is FEEDING. A newly developing colony needs a surplus of food to convert into beeswax and honey. If they have a continuous supply then the … Continued

Urban Wandsworth Honey & Pollen

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Now in the making Urban Wandsworth Honey & Fresh Raw Pollen! Fingers crossed that the weather forecasters predictions for a long hot summer come true. If this is the case we should be able to provide an abundance of London … Continued

Honey – the sweetest cure for hayfever

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As the pollen count rises, try honey as a natural weapon against hayfever. This is what the Telegraph said in a feature on how using local unpasteurised honey can help with hayfever. Have a read: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/5135837/Honey-the-sweetest-cure-for-hayfever.html   They listed The Hive … Continued