Raw English Medium Wildflower Honey
English Medium Wildflower Honey
This is such a special honey in its make up of various nectar tones. It has a warm gentle fig like clean taste. Not too sweet in its composition, aroma or flavour. One to try! From the many flowers of our Surrey apiary sites. Summer time is a busy time for our bees, gathering the rich nectars from the many wildflowers in the nearby woods and fields. Believe it or not there is an official honey colour grading system used at honey shows all over the UK. There are two glass colour grades to use to compare , light, medium, dark. The glass is placed against the side of the honey jar with a white background. The light glass is used to define the borderline between 'light' and 'medium' honey, a 'light' honey being one lighter than the light glass. The dark glass is used to define the borderline between a 'medium' and a 'dark' honey, a dark honey being darker than the dark glass. This honey is medium and tastes different from our light wildflower, so hence the name! A runny honey with a medium, rich flavour. Serving suggestions: in tea or coffee, as an alternative sweetener, with yoghurt, on cereal, as a glaze for meat dishes and fruit loaves. Great for baking rich moist cakes and fabulous flapjacks.
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Raw English Jewelweed Balsam Honey made by British beekeepers
Special Price, English Jewelweed Balsam Honey -Runny
English Jewelweed Balsam Honey is Pale Light, Fragrant, Clear, Runny 340g . Must try while it lasts! Himalayan Balsam - Impatiens glandulifera is also known as Poor Man's Orchid, Indian Touch-Me-Not, Pink Peril, Policeman's Helmet, Ornamental Jewelweed. This genera Impatiens comes from Latin name which means impatient, referring to the explosive dispersal of seed. It is a highly invasive weed native to the Himalayan region of India found at an elevation of 4000 meters. It is thought to be naturalized throughout UK, most of Britain, Ireland, and little of British Isles. It is the tallest annual herb of British Flora, germinating from February to March. Flowering takes place from June to October and flowers produces nectar in a high quantity. Pollinating agents are Bumblebees, honeybees and wasps. Its height ranges from three to ten feet. Stems are thick, juicy, hollow, upright, purplish and tender, so they can break easily. Leaf arrangement is opposite, whorled and usually have three leaves on each node , these are simple and are oblong, ovate, elliptical in shape, size is about six inch long and half inch. Note we nor our beekeepers plant or nurture this wild plant. It grows wild and our bees sometimes find it.
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Raw English Ling Heather Honey
English Ling Heather Honey
Gathered from the wild heather moors in England, with great hopes of gathering a crop of this magical honey as it can be a very fickle crop to obtain. Highly aromatic, full-bodied and rich smoky fig distinctive flavour, a creamy texture with tiny natural honey crystals. This rare honey is of exceptional quality, and is highly sought by honey connoisseurs.
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Raw English Meadow Honey made by British beekeepers
English Meadow Honey
A light, delicate bitter sweet taste with a creamy spreadable texture. Very popular with children. Gathered from the rolling meadows in and around the farm lands of Dorset. A delicious all-round honey. Serving Suggestions: On hot toast or crumpets, in teas or coffee as an alternative sweetener.
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Sainfoin Gold English honey
Special Offer-English Sainfoin Gold Honey
Collected from the unique flowers of the Saliburys Plains area. It has a fresh piquant flavour. A light flavoured, pale yellow coloured honey. Rare honey- VERY hard to find. A must try honey- super surprise taste, not to sweet, warm rich flavour. Set in texture. Highly prized! Very Rare!!  Note: Colours and textures may vary from the photo.  
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English Linden (Lime Tree) Blossom Honey
Back after a three year gap! Yes the British Linden (Lime) trees are fickle but well worth waiting for! Lots of hot weather meant the Linden blossoms dripped heavenly nectar and our bees worked fast to collect it. This is a light coloured honey with a tiny ting of green, bursting with handsome flavour. Not to be confused with Citrus Lime trees. This honey stands out and is well worth a taste!
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Raw English Wildflower Honey for Mums
Honey for My Mummy – Special English Wildflower Honey
A fun label with our top quality runny English Wildflower Honey. Let mum know you think she's sweet! Great quality honey from our bees in Surrey.
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Honey for my Dad
Honey for My Dad – Special English Wildflower Honey
A fun unique label for 'Dads only' using our top quality runny English Wildflower Honey. For the Dad that has everything, spoil him with a sweet reminder that he's well appreciated!
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Honey for My Honey – English Wildflower
A fun label with our top quality runny English Wildflower Honey. Great quality honey from our bees in Surrey.
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English Spring Blossom Honey
English Spring Blossom Honey
Texture: A creamy set honey bright yellow in colour. Amazing flavour. This is a RAW honey which contains beneficial trace elements not found in overly processed honeys.  This honey is NOT pasteurised. We use special artisan cold extraction methods to ensure your honey retains its vitamin, pollen and health benefits. There are NO added sugars, added water, added colourings, added flavourings added preservatives. This is 100% English honeybee honey nothing added- direct from British beekeepers.  We are the Original London honey shop established 1992-The Hive Honey Shop, beekeepers since 1924.  
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Raw English Apple Orchard Honey made by British beekeepers
English Orchard Honey
Nectar from the countryside of Kent and our own Bee Heaven Farm home orchard. Our orchard has over 200 apple trees and 76 different varieties of apples!! We also pick, press and bottle on the farm each year a WONDERFULLY pure natural apple juice. Have a look at the food section to order it when available! The great thing is the bees pollinate our apple trees and in return gather apple blossom honey for us as well!
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Raw English Rare Dark Summe
English Dark Summer Honey
A very limited Dark Nectar Honey. Prized for its warm full flavour. A mix of honeydew late summer/ autumn nectar. Most common in Britain are light coloured honeys. Only for a brief period in late summer does this magical nectar appear. We hand select honey comb frames that have major deposits of this rich dark nectar and spin only those frames so we can capture only the dark summer honey. Its a lot of hard work- but worth it! It is never guaranteed we will get any each year. We keep our fingers crossed and hope!
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