Many of our foodie goodies are hand-made by using our English honey. Many of the recipes our from our family formulas dating from 1924.

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Organic Acacia Honey with Honeycomb

SPECIAL January PRICE. Very popular as you get both runny honey and honeycomb in one jar!

A big 400g jar of ORGANIC Acacia Honey with a big chunk of Acacia honeycomb. What more can we say. Best of both worlds- bit of honey and scoop from the centre for a chewy comb delight.

Each jar is filled with Organic Acacia honey containing a thick chunk of honeycomb! The wax comb is all edible, and is made by the honeybee from nectar. NOT Pasteurised NOT micro filtered! NO added water, NO added sugars! Just PURE 100% honeybee nectar.

Serving Tips: Spoon the runny honey from the side of the jar for teas & coffee. Scoop the comb out and put on hot toast, muffins, cereal, ice cream, fresh fruit, pancakes or eat it straight.

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Oct Special- English Wildflower Whole Honeycomb Frame

Fresh Honeycomb! Supplied as a large whole frame just as it sits within a beehive. You get the entire wooden frame completely untouched as it was when lifted out of the beehive.

Measures aprox. 36 cm long x 14cm wide x 3cm thick. Massive approx 1.2kg-1.6kg

Our Local Honeycomb is collected by our honeybees from our beehives situated near the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with stunning countryside and plenty of bluebells during spring, Surrey is an amazing place for a stroll.

Our honeybees gather the rich nectar from the abundance of mixed wild flowers of the area and the taste has a alluring heavenly flavour to it.  Find out more about our honey and how we harvest it read our Twitter and Facebook feeds

All the wax is edible. No special storage requirements- best before 5 years. Cut a bit at a time from the frame then wrap the frame with food wrap and store in a cupboard. Runny honey within with natural crystalisation. We do not tamper or alter the natural composition of our honeycomb. We do not heat this either to change what our honeybees have done naturally. This ensures you receive this honeycomb as nature intended. Will keep for 5 years once opened.

Comes food grade compostable shrink wrapped, then bubble wrapped and final touch burgundy tissue wrapped! (See main photo for start to finish wrapping)



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