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Local English honey for hayfever
Natural Hayfever Helper Set- inside & out
Have Hayfever? Help is at hand with this effective natural set to aid with both internal and outward protection against airborne pollen. This set contains: 1x Medically Proven HayfeGUARD Pollen Trap nose balm to limit pollen being inhaled. 1 x HayfeGUARD Local Honey with Local Pollen to help build up your bodies emmume system during Hayfever season.    
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Local English honey for hayfever
HayfeGUARD®-LOCAL HONEY & POLLEN. Have Hayfever? It’s OK.
Do you think you may react to pollen in the air? It's OK-Bee pollen is different. Why not try a delicious and wholesome honey pollen formulation. High protein pro pollen plus. Be Allergy Ready! We make a super all natural food-HayfeGUARD®, Set Honey, Pollen & Royal Jelly! A mixture of London & Country honey to maximise the pollen varieties, packed with more pollen and fresh Royal Jelly. No artificial colours or preservatives are added. This is not a medicine. This is a natural food collected by the bees. Wholesome Honey In A Pot! We use our fresh local, unpasturised and coarse filtered honey, adding thousands of pollen grains & fresh royal jelly. Supermarket honey will not be the same, as many heat treat the honey, killing the pollen, and most likely the honey is sourced from outside the UK. This is a hard set honey as we do not pasteurise the honey. Serving Suggestions: one teaspoon per day over cereal, on toast,in muesli, yoghurt, in smoothies or you can eat it straight from the pot! Avoid hot drinks as this can harm the pollen. Note: This honey is a live food and may vary in texture runny/set throughout the year. It is normal that some pollen may float to the top, simply mix if so desired.
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English Wildflower Honeycomb, Whole Frame
English Wildflower Honeycomb, BIG Whole Frame
Fresh Honeycomb! Supplied as a large whole frame just as it sits within our beehive. You get the entire wooden frame completely untouched as it was when lifted out of our beehive. Measures aprox. 36 cm long x 14cm wide x 3cm thick. Massive approx 1.2kg
Our Local Honeycomb is collected by our honeybees from our beehives situated near the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty with stunning countryside and plenty of bluebells during spring, Surrey is an amazing place for a stroll.

Our honeybees gather the rich nectar from the abundance of mixed wild flowers of the area and the taste has a alluring heavenly flavour to it.  Find out more about our honey and how we harvest it read our Twitter and Facebook feeds
All the wax is edible. No special storage requirements- best before 5 years. Cut a bit at a time from the frame then wrap the frame with food wrap and store in a cupboard. Runny honey within with some natural crystalisation. We do not tamper or alter the natural composition of our honeycomb. We do not heat this either to change what our honeybees have done naturally. This ensures you receive this honeycomb as nature intended. Will keep for 5 years once opened. Honeycomb contains bee pollen. It looks like dense dark pockets within a hexagon honey cell. Pollen contains vitamins B1, B2 and E, higher amounts than found in fruits, berries and green vegetables. One gram of fresh raw pollen contains from 7 to 15 mg. of vitamin C, along with traces of vitamin E (tocopherol) & 5 to 7 times the amino acids in equal weights of beef, milk, eggs or cheese- but 100% plant based- great for vegans! Pollen is a super natural protein source.   Comes food grade compostable shrink wrapped, then bubble wrapped and final touch burgundy tissue wrapped! (See main photo for start to finish wrapping)    
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HayfeGUARD® Pollen Trap Balm – Drug Free Hayfever Helper
Have Hayfever? Help is at hand. Try HayfeGUARD® Pollen Trap a family formula since 1924. A natural blend of certified organic ingredients, specially formulated for maximum help to trap pollen before it is inhaled through your nose. Helps reduce pollen entering your body which is a good thing! NOT LIKE A LIP BALM-Which does not work * How It Works * Simply apply a thin layer around each nostril to help trap pollen before it gets inside. Wipe away trapped pollen from time to time with a tissue and dispose. Re-apply frequently and after sneezing or blowing your nose. Made by us using only the very best organic ingredients. No artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no perfumes or added scents, Safe for children, pregnant women and those breast feeding. Try a drug free way forward in a convenient 8g handy tin! Lasts ages! What makes HayfeGUARD® Pollen Trap Balm so special? * 100% Certified Organic Ingredients * Not A Drug- Does Not Cause Drowsiness * Safe For Children, Pregnant Women & Women Breast Feeding * Made In The UK- Researched & Tested By Impartial National UK Pollen Research Unit * Specially Formulated To Achieve Maximum Pollen Trapping * Suitable For Those Who Wish To Use Non-Pharmacological Solutions * This Balm Can Be Safely Used With Other Hayfever Remedies Without Causing Overload Note: Natural Organic ingredients. Once opened use within one year. Store in fridge for prolonged periods of non use.
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Antibacterial: Propolis Capsules-30 x 500mg
Offer Price-Antibacterial: Propolis Capsules-30 x 500mg
Propolis is a natural product, composed of resins and balms from living plants and trees. These are mixed and modified in the hive by the bees. Propolis is a non-toxic substance with antiseptic properties. 30 capsules (30 day supply). Should be taken once a day before meals.
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Propolis Baby Ointment (Eczema, Nappy rash)
Propolis Baby Ointment (Eczema, Nappy rash)
I made a gentle baby ointment for my daughter for her eczema and nappy rash from our family recipe because I was disappointed by so many of the products aimed at children that contained harmful or harsh ingredients. I wanted something to soothe and protect our baby's skin without any harsh chemicals. Our baby ointment is made using fresh herbs and chamomile flowers from our garden, essential oils such as lavender oil, tea tree oil. Of course our fresh antiseptic English propolis and a blend of rich mild oils such as jojoba oil, coco oil and Vit E oil. Our ointment has a great soothing blend to protect and nourish your babies delicate skin with NO preservatives No artificial colouring, No GMOs, No lanolin or Soy as Industrial soybean crops need large amounts of acid-neutralising lime, as well as synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides, all of which are creating an environmental hazard. Toxic chemicals from soy production contaminate the forest, poison rivers and destroy wildlife. So we say No to Soy products.
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Propolis & Herb Ointment (Eczema, Psoriasis)
Propolis & Herb Ointment (Eczema, Psoriasis)
Made with pure propolis from our hives, fresh sage from our garden, camomile, cinnamon bark & essential oils. Has been said to help with: eczema, psoriasis, burns, cuts, insect bites, skin ulcers. Gentle on the skin and can be applied to broken and exposed wounds without irritation. If however you have any questions please consult your GP, they know you and your medical history, so they will be able to advise you best.
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Honey + Lemon Cough Syrup
Has been said to be very effective against coughs, sore throats and tickly chests. This has been made by my family for the past three generations and is always on hand during the winter flu season. It is made with mild & natural ingredients and tastes pleasantly of real honey and lemon. Suitable for children over the age of one.
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Pure British 100% beeswax block
Pure English Beeswax Block – FOOD GRADE
100% pure, unadulterated English Beeswax. 28g Block. Our beeswax is FOOD GRADE rated as we DO NOT ADD chemicals, bleaches, oils, synthetic waxes, colouring, fragrance or sugars. It is honeycomb hand collected from our beehives and wide filtered through cotton muslin using only steam. See the photos within.   Perfect for making cloth food wraps. How? Watch: 1 The colour may vary as we do not tamper unnecessarily with the wax, just steam melt, filter and cast them into 28g. bars. Our beeswax which we harvest from The Hive Honey Shop London apiaries, which is an unaffected & a natural renewable resource, working alongside nature. Many uses of which we have listed a few below: • Food Wraps • Wooden Cutting Board Protection • Sewing Thread, To Strengthen & Water Proof It. • Waxing Dread Locks • Furniture Restorations • Candle Making • Cosmetics • Jewellery Making • Computer Hardware • Sports Shooting • Archery • Fabric Batiking • Model Making • The Building Trade • Basket Weaving • Printing Press's • Car wax • Equestrian leather protection • The Military boot polish • Fruit Waxing REMEMBER: Seek expect advise if melting beeswax as it has a low flash point! Never leave alight while unattended. Children should only light a candle under adult supervision. Always burn on a heat resistant surface.
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