We have compiled a great treasury of rare collectors items. They range from simple beekeeping books, to extensive scientific journals or antique rare vintage books. We offer some limited editions, first editions, signed by author or renown beekeepers. Many have amazing images and plates.

Wax Craft- All about beeswax- British 1908 Leather bound
This is a book we admire and appreciate for the detail to the subject matter, 172 pages of invaluable information on the focus of beeswax.
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Beekeeping in Britain-1948, illustrations and photos
This massive 433 page book covers the whole field of beekeeping and greatly beneficial for the avid beginner and the most advanced expert.
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The Honeybee By C. G Butler- British 1949, 139 pages, hardback
An Introduction to Her Sense-Physiology and Behaviour. A remarkable book.
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A Honey-Bee and Her Master-1947 British, many illustrations
A perfect book for the beginner as it outlines so many different aspect of the honeybee and the requirements for beekeeping.
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The Anatomy, Physiology and Natural History of the Honey Bee-British 1943
1943 hard cover book is packed with photographs, plates and useful relevant beekeeping information for a newcomer or veteran beekeeper. A great gift to give or receive!
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The Book of Beekeeping-1899 British, amazing vintage plates
A practical and complete manual on proper management of bees, with illustrations from 1899.
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I. Khalifman-BEES, 1953 book on the biology of the bee colony
A very detailed comprehensive guide to what honeybees do, why and when. A book on the biology of the bee colony and the achievements of bee science.
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Near Horizons- The story of an insect garden, 160+ photographs
This amazingly detailed account of the vast varieties of garden insects, how they live, survive and interact. Will appeal to anyone with an interest in the natural world.
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Beekeeping by Joseph Tinsley, Scotland 1945, many photos & illustrations
Beekeeping by Joseph Tinsley late lecturer on beekeeping West of Scotland Agricultural College. There are many many photos & illustrations throughout the 95 pages.
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Beekeeping, 1943, 2nd Ed, 195 illustrations 490 pg
A discussion of the life of the honeybee and of the production of honey.
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Bees and Honey 1945, Bee Craft Book, b\w plates
A guide to better understanding of bees, their diseases, and the chemistry of beekeeping. 113 pages of information regarding scientific facts outlining the care and understanding of keeping honeybees.
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ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture Encyclopaedia-1908 100s of illustrations
This 1908 Encyclopaedia of everything pertains to the care of the honeybee, bees, hives, honey, implements, honey plants, etc.
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