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Apiary Location – Bee Heaven Farm Surrey

Located just 50 minutes from Central London this site houses 20 to 30 working beehives. There are over 200 rare old apple tree, 76 different varieties within the four acres. This site has been used for corporate functions, film and television locations. Homes and Interiors magazine to name but a few shot here for there November issue. This site location is available to rent by the day. If you have any questions please telephone the shop for more details.



We have a large collection of Vintage Beekeeping items that can be rented.

We have catered in the past for: PR Events companies, TV and Film companies, Theatre prop dressers. Also private clients staging weddings, birthdays, flower shows to name but a few.

Please contact the shop if you wish to discuss what we can provide. Below are photos and briefs on some of the props for hire.