Tall Dinner Candles, Beeswax Honeycomb with FREE Bee Pin! (Pair)

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Made of pure English Beeswax. Each candle has the embossed hexagonal honey cell design. Each one Hand Made by us! Comes presented in a clear cellophane wrapper with a little plastic bee pin free!

In days long ago, beeswax was highly prized by all who could afford it. Monasteries kept bees more for the beeswax than the honey & often required to be paid in beeswax, such was its value.In its antiquity the Church sought only the purist source of light for its religious ceremonies. Beeswax is created by young ‘virgin’ female bees.The wax thus coming from a pure source was selected by the Church.

Approx. 34cm high x 2.3cm dia

Burning time approx. 4-6 hrs each

Made in London England

REMEMBER: Never leave alight while unattended. Children should only light a candle under adult supervision. Always burn on a heat resistant surface. Keep out of draughts, keep the wick trimmed.

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Many of the candles are made using our own beeswax which we harvest from The Hive apiaries, which is an unaffected & renewable resource, working alongside nature.

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Dimensions 13.6 in

3 reviews for Tall Dinner Candles, Beeswax Honeycomb with FREE Bee Pin! (Pair)

  1. hivehoneyshop

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  2. Victoria

    I am so happy to have found these candles. So hard to find real beeswax candles. I was worried being light weigh but was very surprised at how long they burned. Great value. My dinner guests were very impressed! Great quality and smelled so nice. Will buy again.

  3. Eric Moreton

    Just received my candles thank you. Quick delivery, well packed. I have lit them and they burn beautifully. I have beeswax candles as they do not give off toxic fumes like paraffin wax. Avoid paraffin wax as its petroleum based and NOT good to inhale.

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