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Made with pure beeswax from our orchard hives. I render my family polish mix and hand ladle it into each round tin. Every polish is hand made using the raw beeswax from my own hives.

Our furniture polish is wonderful to help nourish dry, brittle wood back to health. Then in keeping with the true Victorian recipe, I add pure Lavender oil, which is said to keep moths & woodworm at bay! Unlike spray polishes, beeswax polish will buff up time after time and does not yellow. Our polish is clear, no dyes are used. Good for all types of new or fine antique woods.

REMEMBER: Keep out of reach of Children.

Beeswax polish builds up layers each time you polish, so eventually the wood stops absorbing the polish and you get a great protective outer layer that just needs the occasional light buffing.

We polished our antique church pew and the result is amazing-see photo.


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Handy Hint:

We use a sponge with the green plastic scouring pad side to polish with. Once the scouring pad has a build up of polish in it, it is easy to apply and cleans as its polishing.

2 reviews for Special Discount- Beeswax Lavender Polish

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    Excellent service my order arrived far earlier than I thought, easy to order web site too

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