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English Ivy Blossom (Hard Set) Honeycomb Whole Frame 1.1kg – SPECIAL PRICE!

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Supplied as a large whole frame just as it sat within the beehive. You get the entire wooden frame completely untouched as it was when lifted out of the beehive.

Measures aprox. 36 cm long x 14cm wide x 3cm thick. Massive approx 1.1 kilos

This is a special find. Ivy honey is a very hard set honeycomb. I find it very useful this way as you can cut thin slices and the honey stays in tact within the comb. This is a naturally hard set honey that offers a great texture when eating it straight from the frame or using in culinary preparations.

Serving tips:

1 Cut thin slices and coat with warm milk  or dark chocolate, Place on wax paper and put in fridge. When hard serve as an after dinner treat with dark roast coffee.

2 Thin slice on a biscuit with parma ham and cheese

3 Thin slice coated with sesame seeds.

4 Crumble over ice cream.

5 Cut thin slices of comb, place a thinly sliced strawberry wedge on top. Then drizzle warmed milk chocolate in a zig zag pattern over each piece. Place in fridge and remove when ready to serve.

6 Just tuck in as is!

All the wax is edible, set honey. No special storage requirements. Cut a bit at a time from the frame then wrap the frame with cling film and store in a cupboard. Will keep for years!

Not suitable for children under the age of 24 months.  Note: Colours and textures may vary from the photo. Photos are for general reference only.

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Ivy honey is a very hard set honeycomb with natural crystalisation and deposits of bee pollen.  Chewy and crunchy. Pollen is a great protein source and full of vitamins

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Dimensions 14.2 x 5.5 x 1.2 in