English Ling Heather & Wildflower Honey


Gathered from the wild heather moors along the coastline on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset, Very aromatic, with a blend of light, delicate flavour aided by the local wildflowers. Lovey Ling heather with the wildflower nectar of the surrounding area. Less intense flavour as the pure Ling heather we sell.

This one is a must to try! Colour may vary slightly from photo.

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This is our British local honey which contains beneficial trace elements not found in overly processed honeys.  This honey is NOT pasteurised. We use special artisan cold extraction methods to ensure your honey retains its vitamin, pollen and health benefits.

There are NO added sugars, added water, added colourings, added flavourings added preservatives. This is 100% English honeybee honey nothing added- direct from British beekeepers.  We are the Original London Honey Shop established 1992- The Hive Honey Shop, beekeepers since 1924.




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