English Wildflower Honeycomb (hard set)

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All the wax is edible, and is made by the honeybee from nectar. This is one of the best ways to enjoy honey! A chewy crunchy intoxicating treat indeed! Straight from our beehives, untouched just as the bees have made it! The nectar is gathered in the floral surrounding area of Surrey UK. 

WEIGHT: Between 170g – 200g approx.

TEXTURE: Varying degrees of hard set natural crystalisation deposits. We do not tamper or alter the natural composition of our honeycomb. We do not heat this either to change what our honeybees have done naturally. This ensures you receive this honeycomb as nature intended.

No special storage requirement. Just keep it covered in a cupboard. Will keep fresh for 2-3 years!

Serving Tips: Scoop the comb out and put on hot toast, muffins, cereal, crumble over ice cream , fresh fruit or yoghurt.

Not suitable for children under the age of 24 months.  Note: Colours and textures may vary from the photo. Photos are for general reference only.

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WEIGHT: 170g – 200g approx. per tub.

TEXTURE: Varying degrees of hard set honeycomb with natural crystallisation.  Chewy, crunchy and delicious. Fresh from our very own beehives!

COLOUR: Varying degrees of colour per comb from white to very light yellow.

3 reviews for English Wildflower Honeycomb (hard set)

  1. hivehoneyshop

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  2. Henrik

    Does what it says on the tin-is hard set. Nice to find this kind of honeycomb. Its a crumbly dense honey. Loven it.

  3. Wendy

    I love this hard set comb. Better than the liquid runny one. I cut slices and coat them in dark chocolate as suggested. Really super!!

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