Full Protective ‘All-In-One’ Bee Suit & Veil


The best made bee suit in the world! This full suit has a removable veil, attached by a heavy duty zip. Waterproof knee protection and extra pockets for your beehive bits, queen cages, hive tools and more! Lots of thought has gone into designing this. Special Velcro fastenings ensure no bees can get in. Our advise is buy the best when it comes to your personal safety when handling live bees. This will make your honey collection easy and fun. If you have any questions please contact us.

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Rest assured that all our beekeeping equipment comes to you from a bee disease free zone.

Buy with confidence as our company policy states: -No beekeeping equipment can be returned once dispatched in the interest of bee health & safety and to stop the spread of transmittable bee diseases.


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