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HayfeGUARD® – LOCAL HONEY & POLLEN. Have Hayfever? It’s OK.

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H0637 280g £16.95

Do you think you may react to pollen in the air? It's OK-Bee pollen is different. Why not try a delicious and wholesome honey pollen formulation. High protein pro pollen plus. Be Allergy Ready!

We make a super all natural food-HayfeGUARD®, Set Honey, Pollen & Royal Jelly! A mixture of London & Country honey to maximise the pollen varieties, packed with more pollen and fresh Royal Jelly. No artificial colours or preservatives are added. This is not a medicine. This is a natural food collected by the bees.

Wholesome Honey In A Pot!

We use our fresh local, unpasturised and coarse filtered honey, adding thousands of pollen grains & fresh royal jelly. Supermarket honey will not be the same, as many heat treat the honey, killing the pollen, and most likely the honey is sourced from outside the UK. This is a hard set honey as we do not pasteurise the honey.

Serving Suggestions: one teaspoon per day over cereal, on toast,in muesli, yoghurt, in smoothies or you can eat it straight from the pot! Avoid hot drinks as this can harm the pollen. Note: This honey is a live food and may vary in texture runny/set throughout the year. It is normal that some pollen may float to the top, simply mix if so desired.

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Product Description

Q) I have hayfever. When should I take it and how often?
A) Order as soon as possible (before symptoms appears or even during is fine) take continuously throughout until the end of October or until plants stop producing flowers.

Q) What is the shelve life of hayfeguard? And what is the taste like?
A) HayfeGUARD has a 1 year shelf life once opened, 3 years unopened. It tastes great! It has a rich, full flavour, not too sweet. Most people eat it straight from the pot!

Additional Information

4 reviews for HayfeGUARD® – LOCAL HONEY & POLLEN. Have Hayfever? It’s OK.

  1. ND
    5 out of 5


    Has helped with my hayfever and it tastes divine!! That’s the only problem it tastes so good you can’t stop eating it.

  2. Zane Bray
    5 out of 5


    This is a miracle cure for me for hayfever! It started working within 5 days and was a total cure. Absolutely brilliant!

  3. Mohammed
    5 out of 5


    Worked wonders. I used to suffer from severe hayfever, but not anymore. You’ll have to take more than the recommended dose which is once daily after taking it twice for a fornight for this to work properly. Might work with lower dose if your hayfever is not severe.

  4. lorna
    5 out of 5


    this is a brilliant product

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