Beeswax Dinner Candle-Large Tapered


These candles are 100% Pure Beeswax.

Approx. 25cm long x 2cm dia

Burning time approx. 6-8 hrs each

Wrapped in clear cellophane for freshness.

Pure beeswax is in fact nectar. The bees gather nectar from different flowers and trees, and through a chemical change within the bee it produces the wax. It is the beekeepers task to remove by hand any extra or old wax from their hives, and with the aid of a solar extractor, (Simply a wooden box with double glazing) uses the heat from the suns rays to melt and naturally lighten the wax. The wax is then strained through a fine muslin cloth many times to remove any foreign matter. Bees have to consume 7lbs. of honey to produce one lb. of wax. It takes 10.000 bees working for three days to produce that one lb. of wax.


REMEMBER: Never leave alight while unattended. Children should only light a candle under adult supervision. Always burn on a heat resistant surface. Keep out of draughts, keep the wick trimmed.

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Many of the candles are made using our own beeswax which we harvest from The Hive apiaries, which is an unaffected & renewable resource, working alongside nature.

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