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100% pure, unadulterated English Beeswax. 28g Block. Our beeswax is FOOD GRADE rated as we DO NOT ADD chemicals, bleaches, oils, synthetic waxes, colouring, fragrance or sugars. It is honeycomb hand collected from our beehives and wide filtered through cotton muslin using only steam. See the photos within.


Perfect for making cloth food wraps. How? Watch:

1 https://bit.ly/2LFb0yG



The colour may vary as we do not tamper unnecessarily with the wax, just steam melt, filter and cast them into 28g. bars. Our beeswax which we harvest from The Hive Honey Shop London apiaries, which is an unaffected & a natural renewable resource, working alongside nature.

Many uses of which we have listed a few below:

• Food Wraps

• Wooden Cutting Board Protection

• Sewing Thread, To Strengthen & Water Proof It.

• Waxing Dread Locks
• Furniture Restorations
• Candle Making
• Cosmetics
• Jewellery Making
• Computer Hardware
• Sports Shooting
• Archery
• Fabric Batiking
• Model Making
• The Building Trade
• Basket Weaving
• Printing Press’s
• Car wax
• Equestrian leather protection
• The Military boot polish
• Fruit Waxing

REMEMBER: Seek expect advise if melting beeswax as it has a low flash point! Never leave alight while unattended. Children should only light a candle under adult supervision. Always burn on a heat resistant surface.

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Our own beeswax we harvest from The Hive Honey Shop apiaries, which is an unaffected & renewable resource, working alongside nature. Each block is hand poured with care.  The result, simply the finest British beeswax quality.

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Weight 28 g

11 reviews for Pure English Beeswax Block – FOOD GRADE

  1. hivehoneyshop (verified owner)

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  2. Georgie (verified owner)

    I bought these blocks to make a facial skincare balm, in place of a popular, quite costly established American brand that uses beeswax as one of its few main ingredients. I haven’t ever made it before. I was worried from having done a lot of research about sourcing high enough quality wax that was not in any way carrying unnatural or unwanted chemicals on any level. I spoke with Chris on the phone, who explained with great kindness and in detail about his processes, and I was completely reassured. I then made some balm from half of one of these blocks, olive oil, and some honey, and have made the best face cream I’ve ever used, and I will not be able to now go without this particular brand of beeswax. It is very hard to find UK beeswax that is also of such high quality and this pure. I am so grateful to have found this company and will forever use them. They are also very nice people, should you have any questions.

  3. Emma

    I needed real natural pure beeswax to make food wraps. Bought some so called beeswax off Ebay- really regret that!! It had been mixed with other waxes. I tried this company and I am so glad I did. Its amazing beeswax, still smells of honey and worked perfect with my wraps and i know its safe for food contact.

  4. Cassie

    Thank you THE HIVE for sharing how to make those food wraps.

    Made many for friends and family as gifts and everyone was so pleased. Your beeswax smells so wonderful, lovely to see the real thing. Thanks again kind regards Cassie

  5. Scott

    I used this food grade beeswax for coating my wooden drinks cup inside and out. Worked well and preserves the wood while safe for drinking. Recommended as a trusted seller.

  6. Dawn Turner

    BEST BEESWAX EVER! You can tell its the real thing, smells of honey. My food wraps thank you!!

  7. Ruth

    At LAST I FOUND THIS!!! I have been looking for a beeswax that had no chemical to use to coating protect my wooden kitchen chopping boards. Thank you so much hive honey shop!!

  8. Yasmine Knight

    I am so pleased to have found these food grade bees wax blocks.
    I make my own bees wax wraps and the wax works an absolute treat. I love the idea that it is local, English wax!

  9. Shelley B

    Just received my beeswax-thank you. Beautifully wrapped in honeybee paper. They smell heavenly. Recommend these to everyone looking for quality real pure beeswax.

  10. Tim Richards

    Arrived as described, well packed and sooner than I expected. I can recommend this company and this product highly.

  11. Andrew K

    I make Caneles and all the top pastry chefs recommend using food grade pure beeswax to coat the moulds prior to filling. Saw this company on twitter explaining the use. Works a treat!!! Releases from the mould easily and each pastry has a wafer thin coating that make a lovely crunchy texture to the soft inner. Really recommend this highly!!! :>)

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