The Book of Beekeeping-1899 British, amazing vintage plates


A practical and complete manual on proper management of bees, with illustrations from 1899.


Written by W.B. Webster first class expert B.B.K.A: Specialist on Beekeeping to “The Bazaar” and Senior Expert on Bees and Bee Appliances. This book was specially written for Amateurs, Beginners, Cottagers, and Others who are not Experts. 110 pages with a delightful collection of vintage images of day of old. Great fun to travel back in time and see the beekeeping equipment used in the 1800s.

Practical beekeeping management tips for a newcomer or veteran beekeeper. A great gift to give or receive! The hard cover is a beautiful red with a large embossed honeycomb and queen cells with the title of the book highlighted in gold.

In good sound condition-  The cover is clean and lightly worn, with small wear to base The cover has a clear cellophane protective cover.-hardback cover.

One only!