Wax Craft- All about beeswax- British 1908 Leather bound


This is a book we admire and appreciate for the detail to the subject matter, 172 pages of invaluable information on the focus of beeswax.


Beautifully bound book in black genuine leather.  Per-owned by the Wirral Beekeepers UK. With 17 plates and 37 figures on art paper throughout the book. Wax Craft, All About Beeswax comprises of the history, production, adulteration and commercial value of beeswax. A collectors item.

The paper used to make this book is thick and heavy with coarse edges showing it vintage beginnings.

In good sound condition- The black leather cover is clean and hardly worn and has the name of book printed in gold on the spine. There is a small tear to 3rd page Plate1 otherwise all else in good and complete, The cover has a clear cellophane protective cover. Comes in a airtight plastic protective sleeve.-hardback cover.

One only!