5 frame Buckfast Nuclei (live starter honeybee colony)

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Nuclei: A small bee family 

(beekeepers call them a “Nuc”) 

Supplied on 5 National Frames covered with bees in a travel box. 
*1 x Laying Buckfast Queen 
* Brood in all stages of development 
* Honey and pollen 
We are taking orders now for nucleus colonies ready from early May through to the end of June 2010. Orders are supplied on a first come first served basis. We strongly recommend you order early due to the limited supply and high demand. 
You need to pay now and we will then nurture a bee colony in your name ready for you to collect in May/June. The pick up is from our breeder apiary site in Kingswood Surrey, KT20 6RH. Your colony comes with a neat travel box included in the price. 
To order just have a look at ‘Our Products’ and choose:

Bee Colonies / Nuclei for sale