Bedfordshire- Northern Pollen Hunt

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I have some wintering beehives up in Bedfordshire and it was time to pay them a visit to see they were happy and well. A drive that takes normally only 1.5 hours took round trip 9 hours travel time alone due to a huge lorry that decided to drive through the central divider into on coming traffic. 10 mile bumper to bumper full stop and start traffic.
I also wanted to look around at what trees, hedges and flowers types were in the area to plan my Spring pollen gathering. I collect raw pollen from areas all over the UK to add to the HayfeGUARD Local honey. That way it is “local’ to anyone anywhere in the UK. Its still very cold out, but it was an important trip, to plan sites for beehives this year. There was a beautiful sunset that made the whole trip worth it!