Hello I have a question to ask you about your NUCS

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From:  oliver


Date:  9 May 2011 14:41:52 BST

Hello I have a question to ask you about your NUCS, is it possible for you to do them with commercial frames or do they just come in national? my second question is do you sale just NUCS or do you sale colonies also? many thanks. oliver.

Hi Oliver

We only do nucs on standard national frames. They will fit your commercial brood box of course. There will be a gap under the frames as a commercial brood box is deeper. We get people ordering nucs from us that run commercial hives. They put our 5 national frames in the centre of the commercial hive with commercial brood frames on either side. Once the bees occupy the commercial frames, then you can shake them off the national frames and put a queen excluder on top of the commercial brood box and put our national frames in a brood box above. The bees will hatch and join the others below, then remove the brood box with the national frames and you now have them all on commercial frames! 
Sorry we only sell nucs at present.
Hope that helps. We are selling the nucs quite quickly so do decide soon to avoid disappointment.
Kind regards