Here’s a question that just came in about our Wasp Trap Method

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Here’s a question that just came in!

This is an old post, so you probably are no longer there.
If you are, can you tell me how you keep the trap from

capturing your bees as well as the wasps? Thank you. em

By Anonymous on Danger-WASPS!- protect your hives on 26/07/11
Answer: Because you will be making a liquid bait that consists of Beer, Jam and Water- Honeybees & Bumblebees will not be interested but repulsed by the smell. Wasps are carnivorous and love the smell of decaying meat, fruit etc. So this bait attracts flies, moths and wasps.
Hope this helps. Keep watching our blog! We have a great article about buying beehive parts that is a must read for the beekeeping beginner!! Coming soon!