Hot Weather- bees need water too!

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Don’t forget to top up your water source for your bees. If you don’t have a water supply then shame on you! Get going now as your little bees get hot and thirsty too.

It’s simple to make a water source. we found a disused child’s sand pit lid, unturned it and filled it with gravel, old bits of wood, bit of soil and within a few weeks it was a desired water source for many bees around.

Don’t make the mistake to give bees fresh water- they will not touch it. They prefer well mature mineral rich water sources. A bucket of tap water will not attract bees. So plan ahead and give your bees plenty of areas around the water to land safely on without drowning. We line the edges of all our water sources with moss, bees love it and use the moss to filter the water before drinking or filling up to take the water back to their hive.