I was wondering whether Hayfeguard being unpasteurized is safe to take in pregnancy?

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28 Mar 2011, at 15:38, Vicki wrote

Hello, I was wondering whether Hayfeguard being unpasteurized is safe to take in pregnancy?

Thank you


Hi Vicki

Great question! Funny we are getting loads of pregnant women emailing us about this. Guess hayfever season has started and they are looking at drug free ways to help!

First let me explain, honey is pasteurised by large honey companies in order to stop the crystallisation (honey setting) and for no other reason. It is not done to kill bacteria or yeast’s etc. Unlike milk that needs to be pasteurised, honey does not. Raw honey itself kills bacteria, yeast’s and moulds in three ways,

1- by cell dehydration

2- by a natural hydrogen peroxide formed from glucose oxidisation

3- by its naturally high acidity

By pasteurising honey you kill off many of the therapeutic benefits contained in the honey, shorten its shelf life, kill the pollen, taint the taste, drive off the subtle oils that give the honey its special taste and texture. It’s really just a very bad idea!

Next question I usually hear is, ‘But I’ve heard not to give babies under one year old honey’?

You may have heard not to give honey to children under the age of one. This is true. The reason is because they do not yet have the ability to deal with mild spores in the gut which is present in many foods. However that does not cross over to the mother eating honey or breast-feeding. You are eating the honey and assimilating it. My wife ate both raw honey, pollen and fresh royal jelly during her pregnancy with my daughter, who is now never sick and strong as an ox. I put this down to the honey, pollen and royal jelly. Pollen is a fantastic protein source, that growing children need to develop muscles, strong bones and teeth. So I think it has many benefits for your child as well as you.

I have had quite a large number of pregnant women that used HayfeGUARD during pregnancy and their midwifes suggested it. As many GPs point out antihistamines are not a good idea to take during pregnancy. As I always recommend, have a word with your GP or midwife before taking HayfeGUARD or changing your diet routine during pregnancy. See what they have to say. They know you and your specific health requirements/limitations. HayfeGUARD is a complete natural food that only contains English honey, pollen and fresh royal jelly. They should be able to advise you with those facts.

Hope that helps! Any other questions please feel free to call our HayfeGUARD Hot line, manned by expect beekeepers who can answer many of your questions. 020 7801 6944

All the best and please send us a pic of your beautiful baby when it arrives!

Kind regards


Hello James, wow, how interesting and many thanks for the reply. I shall buy some forthwith and start battling off my impending hayfever – if I’m not too late!

Many Thanks