LIVE Interview with BBC Radio London 94.9FM

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The Hive Honey Shop was asked to take part in a live radio interview at the shop on August 11th. Stevan Bennett from BBC Radio London was the interviewer and asked James, our head Beekeeper and co-owner to step up to the mic and describe what its like being a professional beekeeper.

The interview lasted 30 mins and guest speakers included Simon Kilks, a spokesperson and member of the London Beekeepers Association, as well as a roof top amateur beekeeper from Hackney.
A small crowd gathered as Stevan, the interviewer arrived and parked his car outside The Hive Honey Shop. A strange large antenna was protruding from the roof of his estate car. Then it slowly began to rise and extended beyond the Victorian terraced roof tops! It looked like a a bizarre craft out of Doctor Who! The antenna was going to transmit the interview live back to a BBC tower in central London. The DJ back at BBC London Radio was Robert Elms and he and Stevan were both genuinely fascinated with all the bee information unfolding. It was great fun and hopefully we inspired a few budding beekeepers to join the craft!
To listen to the interview go to:
on the right of the page is, ‘BBC LONDON 94.9FM

click on ‘Listen Again’ follow the instructions for, Robert Elms on Aug. 11th at 2pm-2:30pm.

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