Pest Control/Bee Removals-ECO FRIENDLY

We offer a unique bee rescue service-completely ECO FRIENDLY and with NO harm to the bees! As part of this service we will locate, remove and rehouse the bees into a safe habitat once again to continue their lives as nature had intended. We strongly encourage the public to refrain from harming any bees and call expert beekeepers NOT Pest Control companies who are in the business of KILLING, not rehousing!

We service mainly South West London. We also service a few selected areas outside SW London which include: Croydon, Sutton, Banstead, Kingswood.

If you have a swarm of bees / bumblebees or wasps and your location is not listed above, please call the shop on 020 79246233 to find out if we can travel to your site.

Price is based on the complexity of each removal. The basic price is £88.00 +VAT. This helps to cover the cost of the special relocation nesting boxes/beehives, food, medication, petrol and time.
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Pest Control/Bee Removals-ECO FRIENDLY