The bees are doing really well.

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Hi James

The bees are doing really well.

I saw the queen yesterday, she’s laying well and they’re very busy; they’re enjoying the lovely weather.

They’re filling up their first super having almost filled the brood box – I was thinking I might leave the super on over winter to make sure they have enough stores. Is that a good idea?

Thank you so much for such a healthy productive colony.

Hope everybody else’s nucs are equally happy.
Kind regards

Hi Fiona


Really great to hear how well your bees are doing. All the other Nuc buyers this year are reporting back the same. Wow they have expanded in under a month to the size that they are filling a super!? That’s really great, your bees are doing well!

Super for over Winter-

Yes if you wish to keep the super on as a winter feed, good idea. I would still feed your bees to get the brood box filled and avoid having pure ivy nectar coming in filling the brood box in September. Ivy honey sets like concrete and bees find it hard to dilute and eat, causing starvation even though the brood box is completely full of honey.

Your doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

All the best


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