The Hive Honey Shop- LIVE ON ONFM 101.4 Radio Interview

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Emily Knight DJ for OnFM radio invited The Hive Honey Shop, to their radio studio at 1 Lyric Square in Hammersmith, to talk about The Hive, how we got started, what it’s like keeping bees in London and the kind of products we make. Emily was very interested in finding out about how local honey works to combat hayfever. Emily is a long standing customer of the Hive Honey Shop.

“I actually have fond memories of the Hive myself; I grew up in Wandsworth, and on weekends me and my brother used to pop down to the hive and stock up on those little tiny plastic tubes full of honey (like sherbet straws, but with honey inside). I don’t know if you still sell them, but we used to love them when we were kids!”!

The Hive spoke about ‘HayfeGUARD’ our special local raw honey preparation with local pollen and fresh royal jelly.

“This year with hayfever on the rise we have been working flat out to keep the shelfs stocked. Hayfever suffers are ordering this as a way forward to help with their hayfever. Parents are placing orders to help their teenagers get though their GCSE exams as hayfever really stresses the body and you don’t need that when your trying to do your best”.

The interview lasted 35 mins and at the end Emily was presented with a gift of honeys, cakes and of course the famous honey straws!