English Crown Devon ‘Bees’ Honeypot -circa 30/40s

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Fine honeypot by the world renown makers Crown Devon who’s journey began in 1870.

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The Crown Devon journey began in 1870 when Simon Fielding invested in the Railway Works on Sutherland Street, Stoke on Trent, but within a short period of time the bailiffs came in and the firm was rescued by Simon’s son, Abraham.
The designer Enoch Bolton joined Fielding in 1929 and Boulton was responsible for the enormous output of striking Art Deco style wares from the Devon Pottery in the 1930s. The best of Boulton’s Art Deco and modernist designs rival and often exceed in impact those of Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper. Well-modelled, contemporary figures designed by Kathleen Parsons were also produced from the mid-1930.
In good condition with age craving as expected.
One only.