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English Jewelweed Balsam Honey is Pale Light, Fragrant, Clear, Runny 340g .
Must try while it lasts!

Himalayan Balsam – Impatiens glandulifera is also known as Poor Man’s Orchid, Indian Touch-Me-Not, Pink Peril, Policeman’s Helmet, Ornamental Jewelweed. This genera Impatiens comes from Latin name which means impatient, referring to the explosive dispersal of seed. It is a highly invasive weed native to the Himalayan region of India found at an elevation of 4000 meters. It is thought to be naturalized throughout UK, most of Britain, Ireland, and little of British Isles.

It is the tallest annual herb of British Flora, germinating from February to March. Flowering takes place from June to October and flowers produces nectar in a high quantity. Pollinating agents are Bumblebees, honeybees and wasps. Its height ranges from three to ten feet. Stems are thick, juicy, hollow, upright, purplish and tender, so they can break easily. Leaf arrangement is opposite, whorled and usually have three leaves on each node , these are simple and are oblong, ovate, elliptical in shape, size is about six inch long and half inch. Note we nor our beekeepers plant or nurture this wild plant. It grows wild and our bees sometimes find it.

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Balsam honey as featured on Courtryfile is a British cropping flower which honeybees are able to collect this fine nectar from.

This is a RAW honey which contains beneficial trace elements not found in overly processed honeys.  This honey is NOT pasteurised. We use special artisan cold extraction methods to ensure your honey retains its vitamin, pollen and health benefits.

There are NO added sugars, added water, added colourings, added flavourings added preservatives. This is 100% English honeybee honey nothing added- direct from British beekeepers.  We are the Original London honey shop established 1992-The Hive Honey Shop, beekeepers since 1924.

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