Vintage Pirkenhammer Porcelain Bee Trinket Box- circa 1880


Amazing piece! All hand painted in tiny detail. The wing lid comes away to reveal the hidden hollow in the base for trinkets. Very geometric hand painted pattern to the wings. Never seen this in the 40 years of collecting bee items. Time to go to a new home to enjoy!

Base still has an vintage label, written on it, ‘Pirkenhammer;. Embossed is F&M. There is no base stamp, only the embossed letters.

PIRKEN-HAMMER c.1880 F&M MARK LIDDED PORCELAIN TRINKET DISH IN THE FORM OF A BEE in Pottery, Porcelain & Glass, Date-Lined Ceramics

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Pirkenhammer founded in 1803, a porcelain factory was built in Karlovy Vary (also known as Karlsbad), and the brand Pirkenhammer was originated. The Pirkenhammer factory is located near the center of the city.

Around 1820’s Pirkenhammer was considered the best in Bohemia greatly valued for its superior translucency rivaling the French manufacturers. They were awarded a gold medal at the Vienna World fair in 1839. The awarding committee commented that it demonstrated “a good taste in shape, clear body, smooth glaze, and high quality of printing”. Pirkenhammer is known to have made fine porcelains for royalty throughout Europe as well as the Papacy.

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