Wedgwood Japerware Bee Dish -1990s


English Wedgwood Japerware Bee Dish produces for the UK National Honey Show. This is a very rare collectors piece – limited edition to approx. 300 around 1990.


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The National Honey Show (NHS) in the UK wanted to commission Wedgwood to make a honeypot based on the famous honeypot the American Beekeeping Association had Wedgwood make for them in the 1950s. The NHS were not allowed to use that honeypot design as the rights were still held elsewhere, however Wedgwood did allow the NHS to use the exact bees depicted on the honeypot.

The NHS chose to have a small plate, 11cm round, made using those bees. It has worker bees surrounding the queen bee in the centre of the all so famous Japerware finish. It is a bit of history making and a must have piece for any serious collector. We have one of the original American 1950s Wedgwood Japerware honey pot within our private collection and on sale within.

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Dimensions 11 in