Wide Beeswax Candles


This is a lovely pair of hand made pure virgin sweet beeswax candles.

Each candle has the embossed hexagonal honey cell design. Care is taken with each candle handmade by us. Comes with a little plastic bee pin! Wrapped ready to give or receive.

Approx. 10cm high x 5cm dia

Burning time approx. 4-6 hrs each

Made in London England

REMEMBER: Never leave alight while unattended. Children should only light a candle under adult supervision. Always burn on a heat resistant surface. Keep out of draughts, keep the wick trimmed.

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Many of the candles are made using our own beeswax which we harvest from The Hive apiaries, which is an unaffected & renewable resource, working alongside nature.

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Dimensions 3.9 × 1.6 in

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