Offer Price-Antibacterial: Propolis Capsules-30 x 500mg

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Propolis is a natural product, composed of resins and balms from living plants and trees. These are mixed and modified in the hive by the bees.

Propolis is a non-toxic substance with antiseptic properties.

30 capsules (30 day supply). Should be taken once a day before meals.

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5 reviews for Offer Price-Antibacterial: Propolis Capsules-30 x 500mg

  1. hivehoneyshop

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  2. Catherine Bishop

    Fantastic experience with them!! Have been taking propolis to support and improve my resistance to colds and flu. Works wonders. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  3. Bishop

    Really keeps my cough away. Feel better each day I take one. can recommend this one.

  4. Sayour Valpoor

    helped my cold and sore throat. swear by propolis.

  5. Kyel

    This is my go to winter safeguard. Kept my cold at bay. Start early at first signs and it seems to help. Can you make larger bottles like 60 day or 90 days please. Thanks

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